• Hybrid Office house rules
    ( A developing post.. stay tuned.. comment!) Yes, we have gotten quite good at Zoom meetings by now. As we soon get the chance of getting back to the physical office, there’s some pondered to do on how remote people can be included. Meetings! With digital meetings in the covid era, everyone joins on time….
  • Discussion panel on ‘AI in research’ at Skövde
    The PhD Student Council at the University of Skövde hosted a panel discussion on the topic of AI in research. Together with Peter Anderberg, Jörgen Hansson, Amos Ng, and Jane Synnergren, we discussed our views, informed by the perspectives from our different areas of research. We touched upon various aspects of the topic, and concluded… Read More »
  • ISF 2020: Using information from the business environment to improve forecasting
    The slides for my presentation at the International Symposium on Forecasting 2020 are available here. Building on the work by Pangiotelis et al. (2020) we investigate the implications of the geometric interpretation of hierarchical forecasting further. We propose a new framework for generating hierarchical forecasts, which encompasses previous hierarchical methods while providing insights on their… Read More »
  • Special issue on innovations in hierarchical forecasting
    We are inviting submissions to a special issue at the International Journal of Forecasting on the topic of “Innovations in Hierarchical Forecasting”. The special issue is guest edited by G. Athanasopoulos, R. J. Hyndman, A. Panagiotelis and myself and its submission deadline is on the 31st of August 2021. Organisations make multiple decisions informed by… Read More »
  • AI Music and Creativity
    I am attending “The 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity” this week. I was not aware of the advanced ML usage in music co-creation. There are many algorithmic tools available that actually do musical composition and real-time musical co-creation. I was stunned by the demo of the saxophonist that solo-dueled live together with an…
  • OR62 -The quest for greater forecasting accuracy: Perspectives from Statistics & Machine Learning
    Together with Devon Barrow and Sven Crone, we gave a talk at the recent OR 62 conference, moderated by Christina Phillips. The topic was: “The quest for greater forecasting accuracy: Perspectives from Statistics & Machine Learning”. I have worked with both Devon and Sven in the past years and the three of us share quite… Read More »
  • Learn how to write better
    I have looked for good written sources of how to develop academic writing, targeting both PhD students and myself. I found the following three books and I do recommend them. Many people in the world who speak English professionally are non-native, and proper academic writing is hard but also needed. To me, the following reading…
  • Forecasting Forum Scandinavia – first workshop!
    Last week we run the first workshop of the Forecasting Forum Scandinavia, hoping to start an ongoing discussion between academia and practice around forecasting and predictive analytics. The vision is for this to be the catalyst in: providing innovative solutions to real business problems, at a rigorous scientific standard; shorten the path to implementing innovative… Read More »
  • Intermittent demand & THieF – EJOR Editors’ Choice Articles
    I am delighted to receive the news that my recent paper with George Athanasopoulos at the European Journal of Operational Research has been selected as the EJOR editor’s choice article for June 2020. My thanks to the editor and the reviewers for their help with their comments and recommendations in improving the paper and bringing… Read More »
  • Automatic robust estimation for exponential smoothing: perspectives from statistics and machine learning
    Devon Barrow, Nikolaos Kourentzes, Rickard Sandberg, and Jacek Niklewski, 2020. Expert Systems with Applications.